CS @ UConn — Full Stack Software Engineer

A little bit about me
Hey there! My name is Mike, and I am currently a Junior Computer Science major (and Information Assurance + Math minor) at UConn. I have interests in Web Development (full stack), Security, Cloud Systems, and Distributed Systems. While pursuing my degree, I am also working for UConn as a Software Engineer / Systems Administrator.

Where I've worked
I have been working in various places in the software industry since 2020, and have worked on a variety of projects for the below companies.

University of Connecticut

Systems Administrator(Part Time, January 2022 - Now)
Created and maintained critical university infrastructure using JavaScript, SQL, C#. Implemented integrations with VMware vSphere, Zabbix, and Splunk for monitoring applications. Collaborated on a large scale with other university departments to deliver breaking changes effectively, as well as drafted documentation and onboarding materials for other IT staff and students.
Advanced Device Support Technician(Part Time, August 2021 - January 2022)
Assisted students, faculty, and staff both in person and over the Jira ticketing system. Monitored and ensured accountability for operating system patching and loaner devices. Trained, mentored, and created onboarding documentation for newly-hired technicians.

My technical projects
I have worked on a variety of projects, both personal and professional - below are some of my most notable ones.

ILEFA is a development group dedicated to creating software to help students succeed.
A public-domain data warehouse for historical UConn information.

Cobalt is a centralized hub for all things UConn. It provides ease-of-access to a variety of services including searching courses, professor ratings, dining hall menus, room schedules, recreation center occupancy insights, residence hall imagery, and a whole lot more.

Currently tracking 8,045 courses, 4,019 professors, 323 classrooms, and more across all of UConn's campuses.

Unique Visitors: 30K+ Monthly Views: 80K+ Lifetime Views: 1M+
A useful collection of utilities pertaining to various UConn services.
A versatile Discord.js-based TypeScript framework for building Discord bots.
A promise safe on-premises ActiveDirectory TypeScript toolkit for domain applications.
UConn SSO Strategy
A Passport.js authentication strategy allowing integrations with UConn SSO.
Warp Studios
Warp is an organization focused on creating innovative software.
An advanced library and toolkit for Java.
Melon Ghost Theme
A simple, clean, and responsive Ghost v3 Theme.
A simple multi-source caching library built for Java.
Mike Medved (me)
As by no doubt you've noticed, this is my personal website.
An extensive service monitoring suite for UConn.
A responsive map of all the BeastBurger locations in the US.
An API wrapper for the Intel EMA platform, aka vPro.
EMS Conversion Util
EMS Cloud Events ➔ RSS-readable XML for UConn Room Signage.
A Java-based plugin runtime used for testing.
A unique chat-based games bot built for the Discord's Hackweek.
A simple and lightweight Java-based utility framework.
Clash Royale statistic viewer website (data API discontinued).