SWE @ Walmart, CS @ UConn
Full Stack Software Engineer

A little bit about me
Hey there! My name is Mike, and I am currently a SWE Intern at Walmart, and senior CS major at UConn. I have interests in Web Development (full stack), Security, Cloud Systems, and Distributed Systems. I also wrote a cool web app called Cobalt!

Where I've worked
I have been working in various places in the software industry since 2020, and have worked on a variety of projects for the below companies.

Walmart Global Tech

Software Engineer II Intern(Internship, May 2023 - August 2023)
Full Stack SWE Intern working on the Walmart Health Virtual Care team.

My technical projects
I have worked on a variety of projects, both personal and professional - below are some of my most notable ones.

ILEFA is a development group dedicated to creating software to help students succeed.
A public-domain data warehouse for historical UConn information.

Cobalt is a centralized hub for all things UConn. It provides ease-of-access to a variety of services including searching courses, professor ratings, dining hall menus, room schedules, recreation center occupancy insights, residence hall imagery, and a whole lot more.

Currently tracking 8,399 courses, 4,019 professors, 330 classrooms, and more across all of UConn's campuses.

Unique Visitors: 50K+ Monthly Views: 90K+ Lifetime Views: 2M+
A useful collection of utilities pertaining to various UConn services.
A versatile Discord.js-based TypeScript framework for building Discord bots.
A paper trading bot built on-top of the Ivy framework - used as an example application.
A promise safe on-premises ActiveDirectory TypeScript toolkit for domain applications.
UConn SSO Strategy
A Passport.js authentication strategy allowing integrations with UConn SSO.
Warp Studios
Warp is an organization focused on creating innovative software.
An advanced library and toolkit for Java.
Melon Ghost Theme
A simple, clean, and responsive Ghost v3 Theme.
A simple multi-source caching library built for Java.
Mike Medved (me)
As by no doubt you've noticed, this is my personal website.
An extensive service monitoring suite for UConn.
A responsive map of all the BeastBurger locations in the US.
An API wrapper for the Intel EMA platform, aka vPro.
EMS Conversion Util
EMS Cloud Events ➔ RSS-readable XML for UConn Room Signage.
A Java-based plugin runtime used for testing.
A unique chat-based games bot built for the Discord's Hackweek.
A simple and lightweight Java-based utility framework.
Clash Royale statistic viewer website (data API discontinued).
TypeScript wrapper for the macOS/Linux fping CLI.